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Treviso (Italy). The broadcaster Antenna Tre Nord Est, based in Treviso, is preparing to migrate to the new SI media’s digital platform. In this modernization it has confirmed SI media software for managing its workflow.
In particular, in addition to the expansion of the number of OnAir channels (be added 4 new digital channels to the existing), it has decided to upgrade the entire installation, updating all SI media’s modules from the previous VB6 version to the latest .Net version.
Starting from this point of view, new software release of ingestion (MediaRec) and playout (MediaPlay) were installed, in addition to the management playlist (MediaList) and billing (MediaAccount).
Particular attention was paid to the fact that the new version of SI media software, in addition to many new and interesting features, it is continuing to guarantee the full range of functions of the previous version. In this way the difficulties to learn the new system of workflow was very low for the broadcaster operators.


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