Al Mutawassit TV (Tunisi)

Project Description

Al Mutawassit Tv, one of the main Tunisian news channels based in Tunis, was looking for a complete solution for its HD channel: Automation, Traffic, NRCS, Ingest and Mam. SI Media has been selected by the systems integrator AKFA Technology to provide this workflow to the customer, an end to end turnkey solution.

The system is composed by 15 Dell servers, all provided by AKFA Technology.

6 of them are dedicated to the server applications: SQL2012 Database Main and Backup instances, the Archive Manager to handle all the storage devices, a Device Manager server to integrate the Evertz Xenon 64×64 and a dedicated server for the remote support.

The workstations are configured as in the below list:

2 Production Playouts equipped with AJA Lhe+
1 Main Automation Playout and 1 Backup Automation Playout equipped with AJA Corvid22
2 MediaCG workstation equipped with AJA Corvid22, one for the MCR and one for the PCR
2 Ingest Servers equipped with AJA Lhe+
1 MediaStream Server for 24\7 streaming, equipped with AJA Lhe+

Workflow_tunisia v1.1


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    Tunisi (Tunisia)

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