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In the past weeks SI Media has completed the configuration and installation of a traffic system in Rome, on the television channel of one of the most important European football teams, AS Roma.

The project has been implemented together with Broadcast Solutions, a well-known Italian system integrator, who was looking for a partner able to interface an already existing workflow in the shortest possible time.

The customer indeed wanted to substitute its traffic software with a solution able to integrate ITX Miranda in the automation workflow.

SI Media, thanks to its flexibility and capability to customize its software applications in order to perfectly fit the customer’s needs, has been the perfect choice.

During the installation of SI Media traffic engine MediaList, all the metadata (program names, assets, clip durations and many other fields) have been recovered from the previous system, allowing the operator to start working with the new solution without losing any of the information present in their database.

SI Media performed also the full integration with ITX Miranda automation system, starting from the import of the asset list from ITX Miranda archive and ensuring the data exchange between the two systems in both directions.

The playlists prepared in MediaList are automatically exported to ITX Miranda, while, on the other hand, the as-run log is imported in the traffic system to generate reports and analysis.

Website http://www.asromachannel.eu/

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