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In August 2014 SI Media has completed a very important and strategic installation in Dublin (Ireland).

The project has been implemented to provide a 24/7 automation channel to the Houses of the Oireachtas, the Irish parliament, with the cooperation of the local systems integrator Libirel Communications Limited (http://www.libirel.com/).

The system is composed by 8 servers: the main and the backup 24/7 automation, both equipped with an AJA Corvid22, three base band ingest servers (each one equipped with 2 AJA Lhe+ in order to manage 6 simultaneous sessions), one multiviewer server which is responsible to bring the playout monitory in any required display around the building, two servers with the SQL Server 2012 Express (main and backup instances), the media asset management platform (to handle copies and deletions among all the storages, to generate low-res and perform a file-based quality check  for each new content and to transcode the incoming assets in any desired format).

One of the peculiarities of this project has been the base band ingest management. The recordings from the various chambers has been automated by SI Media, integrating Ibis system in the workflow.

Ibis system sends triggers to SI Media base band application MediaRec, starting the recording in 10Mbps Long GOP.mxf format and automatically generating the proper file naming.

 SI Media also developed an application to remotely control a changeover device and integrated a Snell Sirius 830 A/V router in the workflow.

All the graphics are generated using SI Media CG software application, and also the subtitling of the chamber speeches are managed by SI Media automation system.


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Oireachtas Workflow v2.0

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