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MediaPrima, Malaysian National Broadcaster, has recently selected SI Media to build their new Disaster Recovery (DR) Site. The DR Site reproduces their whole end to end workflow available in the Main Site (Sri Pentas) in the DR Location (Glenmarie). The workflow includes 6 + 6 Automation Playout with integrated Graphics and open caption subtitle generator, MAM, Transcoder, Proxy generator and a middleware software (MediaLinker) that receive the subtitle files and playlist from their Traffic system (IBS) and automatically push them to the automation playout software.

The workflow (see picture below), defined in all the details with MirackTech, local System Integrator and SI MediaPartner is designed in order to automate the whole process: from end to end there is no need of human intervention to run the DR site.

From the very beginning SI Media system automate the MXF file pick up from the Harmonic MediaDeck storage in the Main site (according to the playlist picked by (MediaLinker)), send the files to the transcoder (for H264 transcoding in order to reduce transfer speed from Main site to DR site) and after transcoding the files are sent to the DR site through File Catalyst transfer accelerator, received by MediaStore MAM and redirected to the respective playout.

(MediaLinker) takes care also about sending playlist and subtitles file (originally created with Screen) to MediaPlayPlayout automation. Due to the flexibility of the system, in case of failure of the Main Site, the automation playout is set to play not only H264 but also MXF and MOV coming from their Main Site transmission or directly from their NLE.

The system is already fully operational since January 2015.

Workflow Mediaprima DR Site Automation


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