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Rome (Italy). The sport channel SuperTennis TV, owned by the CONI and based in Rome, selected SI Media‘s MAM (MediStore Advanced Server platform) and SI Media‘s Traffic (MediaList, MediaSpot and MediaReport).

SI Media has deployed a complete MAM platform focused to the management of the entire workflow of the assets: starting from ingestion of the new contents, thru the archiving on the central archive (disk based) and the deep archive (IBM TS 3200 LTO-5 tape-based  library) ending with the cataloguing, searching and delivery of the requested assets to the NLE workstations (equipped with Adobe Premiere Pro CS 5.5 and Matrox M.XIO2 LE MAX card) for the production activities.

SI Media‘s MAM takes on charge, with MediaStore Archive, also the archiving and restoring of the assets between the Harris video servers (managed by Harris Automation) and the central archive based on a NAS SATA disk based solution.

The set up of the MAM/HSM system consists of:

    • 1 HSM & Archiving/RestoringServer:  equipped with MediaStore Archive module for the management of archiving and restoring tasks and MediaStore HSM for the management of an IBM TS3200 LTO tape-based library.
    • 2 Transcoding Servers: each one of them equipped with MediaStore Proxy module for proxy and key frames generation.  The 2 servers work in parallel mode with a configuration Active/Active.
    • 2 MS SQL 2008 R2 Servers in main /backup configuration.
    • 5 NLE workstations: the Customer chose Adobe Premiere Pro CS 5.5 for NLE systems equipped with Matrox M.XIO2 LE MAX IO card.

The high resolution format used in this installation is LXF. The proxy are generated by MediaStore Proxy using the H-264/AVC codec.

SI Media deplyed for this installation also its complete Traffic suite:

    • MediaList: a multi-channel TV Scheduling software for short, mid and long-term planning and scheduling of events/programmes.
    • MediaSpot: designed for the management of TV advertisement contracts, billing and promo scheduling.
    • MediaReport: incorporates useful tools to provide the data and information for necessary managerial and administrative decision making.

SI Media Traffic suite is integrated with Harris automation thru BXF standard protocol.

Below a logical schema of the SI Media software modules installed at the Customer’s facilities:


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