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Campobasso – Vicenza (Italy). In July, two Italian broadcasters adopted the SI media IT Automation: TeleMolise (Campobasso – Molise) and Channel 68  (Vicenza – Veneto).
TeleMolise: The Broadcaster based in Campobasso (Molise) has a standard configuration consisting of 7 playout channels and 3 capturing channels. The installed system is ”IT based” and uses the AJA boards for the enc/dec  tasks as well as the support of a central archive INTEL for 20 terabytes of capacity. Backup software for playout (MediaPlayBK) configured in 1:7 mode and a control of shared devices (MediaDevice) complete the installation

As for the graphics and logos for all 7 channels on air, the customer has chosen the solution developed by SI media: MediaCG. In this case, the graphic engine relies on the same machine of playout and it uses the same dec board of the player.

The legal registration of the 7 channels is realized with SI media solutions. With MediaLogger, the output of channels transmitted is recorded and archived for 90 days, the date and time of registration are superimposed to the the video signal.
Canale 68: The configuration is similar to that of Telemolise, just described: 6 playout (MediaPlay), 2 acquisitions (MediaRec), 6 legal records (MediaLogger) and 6 Logo and Character generators (MediaCG).

In the latter case, however, the archives involved in the system are 2, both for 20-Terabyte: one for material intended for automation of the 6 channels and the second for the management of the newsroom.

To help the work of the journalists it’s involved in this case the MAM developed bySI media: MediaStore. MediaStore serving on board of 4 NLE machines with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 and allows journalists to quickly identify the contents of the archive videos to use in the delivery of services.

Once the stories are closed, they are played on air with MediaNewsPlay, instrument of contribution for video and images very useful and flexible than immediately has met the appreciation of the customer.

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