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The African continent has been one of the core areas for SI Media during this year.

Thanks also to the long time partnership with Onset systems engineering ltd, www.onsetsys.com, SI Media has successfully deployed many projects at some of the biggest broadcasters of the whole continent.

The last couple of months have been dedicated to implement a complete workflow to Wananchi Group-Zuku in Nairobi (Kenya), to provide the solution for a second automation channel at KTN (Kenyan national broadcaster) and to complete the launch of the system for MAM, NRCS, automation and studio playout at K24.

At Wananchi SI Media has provided 12 automation channels for the biggest network provider in Kenya.

MediaPlay is generating at the same time SDI and IP outputs, allowing the customer to handle all the streams from a single software application.

During the installation SI Media has also interfaced a tape library from Qualstar, developing the drivers to recover and digitalize material stored in old tapes in order to make all the contents available in the new system.

MediaStore takes care to archive and restore contents from the tape library to the central archive, and then move automatically the contents to the proper playout servers starting from the playlists saved in MediaList.

SI Media has also integrated and automated a Carbonite A\V router, and the operators are operating using the new GUI using WPF technology.

At KTN SI Media has integrated the traffic solution from SAP, while at K24 via MosGateway SI Media has interfaced 2 prompters Autocue and Wasp3D character generator for Master and Studio playout.


Website: http://wananchi.com/zuku/

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