Al Watan TV

Project Description

SI media arrives to Kuwait. Al Watan TV, a general entertainment and news broadcaster in Kuwait, entrusted the SI media platform with the management of its advertisement sales and programme scheduling facilities. The entire production cycle is controlled by the SI Traffic software, which allows the sales department to manage the advertising contracts and output advertisement block playlists and then to integrate tthese with the daily programmes playlist schedules. The SI Traffic System supports the readily installed Pebble Beach Automation which drives videoservers from Omneon.

About Al Watan TV:

Al Watan TV is a free to air channel with a purely advertising based business model.

The editorial line is based on ‘content localization’ and foresees, for the launch phase, 24 programming hours per day (Daytime, Primetime & Night time) made up of a very exciting mix of:

  • Internally produced programs
  • Acquired programs
  • News programs
  • Commissioned programs

Project Brand


Project Details

  • Location:

    Safat – Kuwait

  • Startup Date:

    September 2007

  • Project WebSite:

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